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It starts: Sotomayor on the griddle

I’ve written before that Republicans would be crazy to go after Sonia Sotomayor, given their demographic challenges (to put it mildly,) but that they would do it anyway. And they did. Now, the elected contingent get their chance to go … Continue reading

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Sarah, Queen of the GOP

From Frank Rich’s latest column: … Palin won’t go gently into the good night, much as some Republicans in Washington might wish. She is not just the party’s biggest star and most charismatic television performer; she is its only star … Continue reading

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‘Complexion’-conscious swim club wants Campers back (sort of)

The first rule of public relations: never allow a crisis to become a calamity. Continue reading

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The political-media complex’s tortured logic

Glenn Greenwald concludes, quite rightly, that the political-media class is too corrupt to really take on torture, at least not above the level of “rogue interrogators” (which I guess means guys who don’t have cushy jobs at Berkely or the … Continue reading

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Overtown shooting: turn the bastards in

Someone knows who shot up a party in Overtown wounding 10 people and killing 2. It’s time to turn them in. Continue reading

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John McCain continues to completely discredit himself

What is wrong with John McCain? Does he want nobody to respect him? Continue reading

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