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Michelle Obama’s father among those buried at compromised cemetery

Emmett Till, Fraser Robinson III among those buried at a cemetery embroiled in controversy over “grave recycling.” No word yet on whether the first lady’s dad, who died when she was very young, was actually removed or disinterred. Grisly, awful … Continue reading

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Jeff Sessions: defender of equality

Jeff Sessions is in an awkward place. He’s been tapped as the chief prosecutor on the Senate Judiciary Committee of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, whom he apparently finds to be racist against white people. Well … for Sessions, this might be … Continue reading

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Valley Club sued

Well, I guess that hasty, Sunday evening decision to invite the “negro children” back to swim didn’t work out so well. (CBS/AP) A suburban Philadelphia swim club’s board should resign to settle claims that the club canceled the pool memberships … Continue reading

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How to ditch a gold digger

You pay her off. From the New York Post: Michael Jackson‘s baby mama Debbie Rowe has sold her kids again — this time squeezing about $4 million from her former mother-in-law in exchange for giving up her parental rights, a … Continue reading

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Mika and Liz: BFFs for life?

Where does former first second daughter Liz Cheney go when she needs a friendly media venue to portray the real-life Lucy from Charlie Brown defend her father’s (and that other guy’s) administration and its policies? Fox News? Nooooo … it’s “Morning … Continue reading

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Six degrees of South Florida: the Michael Jackson connection

You knew it was coming: the Michael Jackson saga finally drags in Florida: The probe into Michael Jackson’s death has now crossed the country and reached Miami. Documents seized in 2003 from Neverland as part of the investigation into allegations … Continue reading

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The conservative Facebook to the bottom

I normally don’t write this many posts about racial issues in one sitting, but the conservative movement is on a tear. … So I stumbled upon this write-up online and found it amusing. See if you agree. It’s from About.com: … Continue reading

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More FReeper Greatest Hits

The FReepers just can’t help themselves, posting this pic in a thread purportedly dedicated to airing their angst about being called out for the racist attacks on Malia Obama. The fact is, the FReepers may indeed hate little Sasha and … Continue reading

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The F(‘ing) R(acist) Republic

The Free Republic has long been a hot spot for the dregs of right wing world. I know, because I infiltrated it three times a few years ago, just to see what the natives were saying. What I found out … Continue reading

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