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Sarah is smart, Sonia is stupid … am I missing something?

The self-immolation of the right continues, as haughty, white (and in the case of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, arguably racist) Southern Senators berate the Ivy League-educated, up by her bootstraps Latina judge who aspires to the Supreme Court, having even … Continue reading

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Michael Steele’s Republican chitlin’ circuit act rolls on

To woo fellow Black folk into the GOP, he’s bringin’ the chicken and potato salad. Some other schmuck’s got the collard greens. Watch: I guess that’s what it takes to be a Black Republican. Steele is the supposed “leader” of … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham’s hectoring, condescending Sotomayor interrogation

Watching a parade of withered, old white, southern men of the Senate school marming Judge Sonia Sotomayor throughout the day today, from reformed race-baiting commie hunter Jeff Sessions — himself a federal judge reject — to the tisking, absolutely condescending … Continue reading

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