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President Obama’s NAACP speech: on the money

President Obama, who has been criticized at times, for not directly addressing the concerns of African-Americans, delivered a terrific speech to the NAACP, emphasizing education, responsibility, but also what his administration plans to do to help all Americans succeed. Video … Continue reading

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Gorilla glue???

Zell Miller strikes again! Miller was the Thursday keynoter at the annual gathering of the American Legislative Exchange Council, which ostensibly is a bipartisan or nonpartisan group of legislators. In practice, however, ALEC is overwhelmingly Republican, as evidenced by the … Continue reading

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Frank Ricci: right wing folk hero, serial litigant

In case you missed Frank Ricci’s much-anticipated testimony at the Sonia Sotomayor hearing today, and you missed this very interesting article from Slate Magazine, circa July 10, by Dahlia Lithwick, as I did until today, you might want to study … Continue reading

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