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How the Democrats are screwing up healthcare reform

With major healthcare reform sputtering as the clock runs out on the current session on Capitol Hill, it’s tempting to blame the Republicans for what appears, for now, to be the failure of the 111th Congress to deliver on 60-odd … Continue reading

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Boston cop faces termination for calling Gates ‘jungle monkey’

The latest news in the Henry Louis Gates arrest saga is that a 36-year-old Boston police officer thought it would be a good idea to email a ranting letter about the Gates incident which contained the racial slur, not just … Continue reading

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Ouch! Dionne Warwick back-hands Cathy Hughes

Radio One founder Cathy Hughes has perfected the “woe is me” — meanwhile, she’s sharpened her knives to put a hurting on anyone who dares to support paying musical artists royalties for playing their songs on the radio. Hughes loves … Continue reading

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Petitions call for CNN to fire Lou Dobbs

Has Dobbs gone so far over the edge that he should be booted from CNN? Two petitions (at least), say yes. One from the Southern Poverty Law Center and another, from ColorofChange.org. I’d say it’s a longshot. CNN is not … Continue reading

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