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Tuesday, July 07, 2009
Sarah sez: 'I am not a crook ... I mean quitter!
Sarah Palin does her best Dick Nixon ... only without the gravitas or the jowls ... (and with a wading thingy on!) From CNN:

And now, Nixon's version:

Interesting that Nixon talked about money, just like Sarah. He was also a paranoid who spent more time lashing out at enemies -- real and perceived -- than governing, just like Sarah. Oh, and Nixon quit his job early, too, though Nixon had, to his credit, a long and distinguished career, serving in the military and in full terms in the House, Senate, as Vice President and President, before he crashed and burned in Watergate and jumped ship before he could be impeached. And therein lies the difference. Our friend Sarah is a better looking Nixon without the accomplishments or the brains.

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