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The Jaycee Dugard story gets even stranger

Could the sicko who kidnapped Jayce Lee Duggard have somehow thought that keeping her prisoner stopped him from being a serial killer? That’s the implication of a story in the Times of London, which also reports that the poor woman … Continue reading

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Libya’s Qaddafi to party like a rock star … and rub Lockerbie fams’ noses in it

And all-star party is planned to celebrate 40 years of Muomar Qaddafi ruling over LIbya… and if you think they plan to be shy about celebrating the release of the convicted Lockerbie bomber, think again…

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Texas makes a run at Arizona for America’s most embarrassing state

A few hundred Texans want out of the union, so they rallied on the Capitol steps this weekend to demand that Rick Perry, the current governor/president of Texas, follow through on his promise to quit this scurvy union and press … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck: keep fighting the powr powar oh, whatever…

More proof that the current brand of “conservatism” — unlike the variety practiced by, say, William F. Buckley — is for stupid people. Today’s exhibit, the actual, truly, best Glenn Beck video EVER (replacing the former best Glenn Beck video … Continue reading

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***UPDATE: TPM reports the Secret Service is keeping an eye on “Pastor” Anderson and his gun-toting parishioner, Chris Broughton (who has now joined Anderson in wishing the president dead, but who unlike Anderson, has not renounced using violence himself, to … Continue reading

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Bill Moyers cold cocks ‘spineless’ Dems, counsels the POTUS

It hurts, but it needed to be said. A few highlights of Moyers (an LBJ press secretary and 30-time Emmy Award winner) as he appeared on Bill Maher’s show: … “too many Democrats have had their spines surgically removed.”

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Florida Netroots Award nominations are open!

Don’t be shy, Reid Report fans! Click here to nominate a site … aaaaaany site you wish…

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Town hall incoming!

There will be protests tomorrow at yet another tedious healthcare town hall meeting, this time at Hialeah Hospital, featuring not just John McCain, but also the eyebrowless wonder, Mitch McConnell. Should be good blogging (if it happens)… Sez the Herald: … Continue reading

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Letters suggest Lockerbie bomber’s freedom hitched to oil deal

Did the UK push the Scottish government to free the convicted Lockerbie bomber on behalf of British Petroleum? Signs point to maybe.

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Weekend wrap: Kennedy laid to rest

It was a heck of a weekend for television, topped by the moving, well orchestrated remembrance and funeral for Senator Ted Kennedy. Highlights of Saturday’s memorial:

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