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Did the UK deal on Lockerbie bomber?

As an editorial in the Dallas Morning News points out: Governments don’t turn loose convicted mass murderers to spend the rest of their days amid the comforts of home, especially when that killer is the only man ever held responsible … Continue reading

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Conservatives without conscience: Tom Coburn

Meet Tom Coburn: medical doctor, United States Senator, C-Street marriage counselor / presidential pal … and apparently, callous jerk who can’t figure out that his office purportedly offering to help a desperate woman whose husband’s health insurer is failing her, … Continue reading

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Lieberman up to his old tricks again

Joe Lieberman, a top recipient of health insurance lobbying cash, has a great idea: let’s not reform health care until AFTER the recession. If Democrats — and I mean real ones, not the dodos in D.C., don’t put up a … Continue reading

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Congressman Wally Herger: terrorist sympathizer

When someone yells out, “I’m a proud, right wing terrorist” at a rally, you’d think a member of Congress would hit the floor, scream “run for your lives!” or at least punch 911 into his Blackberry. Not Congressman Wally Herger … Continue reading

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