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There WILL be prosecutions

According to Raw Story, Spain will move forward with prosecuting the Bush torture lawyers: A Spanish judge has decided to go ahead with the prosecution of six Bush administration lawyers — including former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales — who were … Continue reading

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Birther to deliver response to Obama’s health address

He may not be as rube-a-licious as fellow Louisianan Bobby “Aw Shucks” Jindal, but he’s a medical doctor who once fancied himself a Lord of the Realm (not the American realm… the British one!) … and he’s got one other … Continue reading

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Oh HELL no! My kids’ charter school refused to air the Obama speech

About this post? Major edit. My two older children attend a charter school in Broward County which apparently, despite the blanket decision made by the county school superintendent (which contained no opt-out order, though who knows whether that applies to … Continue reading

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Obama to school kids: Obey (your parents and teachers … and stay in school)

One of my kids (including my 9-year-old) watched the president’s “stay in school” speech today, along with most other kids in Broward County (more on that in the next post…) and none of them turned into a commie (sorry, wingers.) … Continue reading

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The truth about Van Jones

A DUer posts an interesting find. Jones, it seems, wasn’t pushed out by Glenn Beck. Beck was just the vehicle. The real pushers were anti-climate change advocates from, wait for it, the oil industry. From this DU post, which identified … Continue reading

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More trouble for ‘Pastor’ who wants Obama dead

“Pastor” Steven “Melt Obama Like a Snail” Anderson is many things, most of them unrelated to Jesus. Apparently, he is also the owner of a “home based” business, whose home happens to share the same address as his “church.” Watch … Continue reading

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Is Laura Bush the last sensible Republican in America?

Well … maybe her and Collin Powell… The first lady comments on today’s school address by President Obama, and shows why she is indeed George W. Bush’s better half:

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