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Paul Krugman explains it all: the bad (but possibly fixable) Baucus bill

Paul Krugman finds three major problems with the Max Tax bill: First, it bungles the so-called “employer mandate.” Most reform plans include a provision requiring that large employers either provide their workers with health coverage or pay into a fund … Continue reading

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Pat Buchanan’s forked tongue: race talk bad, race talk very, very good…

Uncle Pat is at it again. His latest column criticizes President Jimmy Carter for supposedly bringing race into the debate over President Obama’s policies (hm… I thought Glenn Beck did that when he claimed that Obama “has a deep seated … Continue reading

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Shameless self-promotion: Joy on ‘Issues’ tonight

We taped the show this afternoon, so if you’re in the South Florida market, check it out tonight on WPBT 2. Justin Sayfie and I were on to talk about Jimmy Carter’s statement about Barack Obama and race. It should … Continue reading

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What a gentleman: Beck tells MSNBC’s Mika: ‘Shut the hell up!’

As the “Morning Joe” crew pondered this morning, maybe he’s mad the Mika and Joe’s radio show is beating his crazy quilt in New York (the only market where they compete head to head…) Listen: Stay classy, Glenn!

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Pew poll: Even after long, hot summer, Obama’s numbers strong

A new Pew poll puts things in perspective: Following his nationally televised address to Congress, opinion of President Barack Obama has taken a more favorable turn. Obama’s job approval ratings, which had declined in the summer, have remained essentially unchanged … Continue reading

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