Bill Nelson votes against the Rockefeller public option, will support Schumer’s version

UPDATE: Nelson is speaking now, and has said he will support Chuck Schumer’s version, which is less robust, but more “consumer driven.” Nelson has been slippery on his stance on healthcare reform, but had recently indicated he liked the Schumer amendment.

Original post:

Silent Bill, who has been loathe to tell his constituents where he stands on healthcare reform, told Floridians volumes today.

The vote on Jay Rockefeller’s public option amendment just took place, with half a dozen Republicans voting “no by proxy” and five of the panel’s 13 Democrats defecting from the majority position of their party, and the majority position of the American people according to the polls. Here’s the whip count (with Democratic “no” votes in bold)

  • Conrad – no
  • Bingamon – aye
  • Kerry – aye
  • Lincoln – no
  • Widen – aye
  • Schumer – aye
  • Stabenow – aye
  • Cantwell – aye
  • (Bill) Nelson – no
  • Menendez – aye
  • Carper – no
  • Grassley – no
  • Hatch – no
  • Snowe – no
  • Kyl – no
  • Bunning – no
  • Crapo – no
  • Roberts – no
  • Ensign – no
  • Enzi – no
  • Cornyn – no
  • Baucus – no

The Rockefeller amendment fails by a vote of 15 to 8. The Schumer version is up for debate now.

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One Response to Bill Nelson votes against the Rockefeller public option, will support Schumer’s version

  1. Cy says:

    Health care in America NEEDS to be reassessed. It is so twisted and messed up, if we don’t ALL stand up and act fast, its going to drain us.

    One of the biggest drain on our economy is health care, and the people that need it, can’t even get it. Honest hard working Americans are left without healthcare because they can’t afford it and don’t qualify, but illegal immigrants can waltz into the Emergency Room and get all the care they need. Its ridiculous. We already have a system where tax-paying American’s pay for the scourge to get health care, but the good people can’t.

    Read this article, even Republican’s will vote for health care reform after reading it:

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