GOP Congressman: Obama an ‘enemy of humanity’

TRENT-FRANKSPeople for the American Way, which I presume will soon be labeled a communist beehive by Glenn Beck and the RedStaters, has a right wing watch site, which has been monitoring the kooky “How to Take Back America” / Phyllis Schlafly kookfest (which has featured lots of talk about Nazis, and plenty of other over-the-top Obama paranoia.) PFAW dispatched their latest findings to the Huffpo, which reports that not only did Arizona Congressman (and pre-litigious birther) Trent Franks reprise the demand that the president prove that he is a natural born citizen of the United States, he went on to say this:

“Obama’s first act as president of any consequence, in the middle of a financial meltdown, was to send taxpayers’ money overseas to pay for the killing of unborn children in other countries,” said Frank. “Now, I got to tell you, if a president will do that, there’s almost nothing that you should be surprised at after that. We shouldn’t be shocked that he does all these other insane things. A president that has lost his way that badly, that has no ability to see the image of God in these little fellow human beings, if he can’t do that right, then he has no place in any station of government and we need to realize that he is an enemy of humanity.”

(The Huffpo also has video.)

PFAW also has a handy guide to the leaders of the “How to Take Back America” mayhem, including Schlafley, Janet Folger/Porter, the authoress of the FEMA concentration camps meme, the Liberty Counsel’s Matt Staver, the legal “mind” behind Jerry Falwell’s crumbling empire, and WorldNutDaily’s Joseph Farah. The conference highlights what some sharp commentator (sorry, can’t remember which,) called the “ugah-boogah” wing of the Republican Party — the fire and brimstone folks who are fixated on homosexuals, the end times, and for eight long years, the divinity of George W. Bush. Some in the conservative camp (the David Frums of the world) would like to push the ugah-boogahs over the side, but having sidelined the neocons (like Frum) and cast off what they call “moderates” (in their world, that includes John McCain) the Republican Party is now in the thrall of three main groups: the Paulites (a large component of the teabagging crowd), the Palinites (another name for the ugahs) and the Club for Growth/Freedomworks crowd, who operate the Republican Party on behalf of big business. Toss in the bomb throwers from talk radio and Fox News, who serve all three of these constituencies simultaneously, even when their goals fail to intersect, and you have a pretty good picture of where the Republican Party is today.

Enemies of humanity, indeed.

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