More crazy Pastor Anderson audio: says it wouldn’t be murder to kill the president

From an August 31 interview with XM radio host Michael Signorelli, our good friend “Pastor” Steven Anderson takes his rhetoric to a new level, saying that he wouldn’t consider it murder if someone were to kill the president, and he doesn’t believe the murder of Dr. George Tiller was murder either. But wait, there’s more! He wouldn’t object to someone taking out an AK and spraying down “the gays” either. Listen (if you think you can stand it.) He ends the interview by hoping his interviewer “gets brain cancer like Ted Kennedy.” Here it is:

This would just be pathetic if Anderson didn’t have followers who actually take guns to President Obama’s events, and if he wasn’t preaching the same thing in his so-called “church.” No wonder the Obama administration is reluctant to see the “lone wolf” provisions of the Patriot Act repealed…

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One Response to More crazy Pastor Anderson audio: says it wouldn’t be murder to kill the president

  1. Diana O says:

    This pastor is mentally ill, it shows he is uneducated. I am a Bapitst minister, and was appalled that a clergy person would say or pray for anyone to be killed or die. He is leading his congregation to hell. He is a shame. What /Bible is he reading from. What part of thy should not kill does he not understand, or thy should not judge. He, to me, is the personification of evil. I seen him on line wiht a baby. How would he feel , if some one was praying his child died. How would his children feel is he died? They would feel the same way the Obama’s children would feel if he died. How would his wife feel if some nut killed him? She would feel the same way, Michelle Obama would feel. He needs to be careful, he may attract some crazy person to hurt or kill him. Not every one agrees with him.

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