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Charlie’s morning whoppers

So Charlie Crist is in the midst of his big morning media blitz (he’s doing CNN, MSNBC, Fox and Friends, etc.) I happened to catch his act on “Morning Joe” (sans Joe) just a few minutes ago. If you live … Continue reading

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Say it isn’t so, Joe! Eggelletion, the FBI, and the wad of cash in his golf bag

The Sun-Sentinel has new details on the former Broward mayor’s alleged ill-doings: Suspended Broward County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion is accused by federal authorities of taking his first payment of tainted money on the golf course — a wad of cash … Continue reading

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RiehlWorldIdiot: Winger solves the Bill Sparkman murder

Dan Riehl of Riehlworldview, never one to let a little thing like class get in the way of a good right wing screed, floats his crack theory about the murder of Census worker Bill Sparkman, who was found bound, gagged, … Continue reading

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Parent alert: British girl dies after HPV vaccination

This is disturbing for any parent who, like myself, has a teenaged or pre-teen daughter. From the Guardian: Natalie Morton was a pupil at the Blue Coat Church of England School in Coventry, where she was given the human papilloma … Continue reading

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Another day, another bunch of racist Freepers

Another day at the office at the Free Republic. The headline: Berlusconi Jokes About ‘Tanned’ Obamas A clip: Silvio Berlusconi this week further consolidated his already strong reputation for political tastelessness. At the gala dinner for the G-20 summit in … Continue reading

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What to do with the ‘Should Obama be killed?’ Facebook pollster?

A sick poll asking whether President Obama should be killed (the choices were “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe,” and “If he cuts my health care…”) and the whole polling app, has been pulled by Facebook, and according to CBS, the user banished … Continue reading

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I hate NFL throwback games

So I ended my multi-season NFL bye yesterday, watching football all afternoon and evening, and boy was I sorry I did. Apparently it was “throwback day” for at least some of the teams, and the first game I happened to … Continue reading

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When Ron Paul meets Michelle Bachman

Right wingers who think the tea party movement and the “Republican Revolution” are precisely on the same page watch out … I read a bit of Ron Paul’s “The Revolution: a Manifesto” this afternoon at Barnes and Nobles. Funny how … Continue reading

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Is Charlie Crist throwing the Senate race?

The political self-immolation of Charlie Crist continues, as the once-affable governor takes another wild swing at the president, hoping against hope to erase this picture from the minds of RedState wingers: But having bucked the GOP’s Loser Governors Club (just … Continue reading

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Census worker lynching details emerge

Despite authorities trying to throw the media off the “lynching” line of reasoning, the more you learn about Bill Sparkman’s death, the more it looks like precisely that. An enterprising AP reporter has turned up a witness; an Ohio man … Continue reading

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