What to do with the ‘Should Obama be killed?’ Facebook pollster?

A sick poll asking whether President Obama should be killed (the choices were “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe,” and “If he cuts my health care…”) and the whole polling app, has been pulled by Facebook, and according to CBS, the user banished from Facebook. The Huffpo Political Carnival scored this screen grab:


But should Facebook also turn over the name of the poll creator to the Secret Service? It’s a tough call. The person who did it is likely not a dangerous nut; probably just your average Obama-hating teabagger, unleashed, as so many of them are, by the anonymity of the Internet to share something stupid with their pretend, online friends. But in an age where there really are armed nuts out there convening online, empowering themselves with the notion that they’re not alone after all — that other people hate “the government” and the president (or whoever) as much as they do, and with wingers arming themselves to the teeth out of an irrational fear that the black helicopters are coming, you really can’t be too careful.

BTW, can you imagine the uproar that would have occurred in the Orwellian aftermath of 9/11 if such a poll had been posted about George Bush, when people were being detained just for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts? First Amendment buh-bye. And the winger blogosphere would have labeled anyone who didn’t agree a traitor.

Meanwhile, the poll, which Pam Spaulding dubs the “social media assassination poll,” apparently went up late Sundday evening. RawStory adds this:

As of noon Monday, 90 percent of respondents had said “no.” Just over five percent said yes, 2.6 percent said maybe, and 1.9 percent said “if he cuts my health care.”

Blogger GottaLaff at The Political Carnival says she has notified the Secret Service of the poll.

“No, it is not ‘grassroots,’ not even close. It is a sick, terrifying, dangerous movement toward violence and the worst kind of civil unrest,” she blogged.

Meanwhile, a counter-poll, “should the creator of the ‘should Obama be killed’ poll be arrested” had a brief and erstwhile life of its own.

UPDATE: The Plumline reports the Secret Service is investigating, after being notified by the blogger at Political Carnival.  And from CNET’s Chris Matyszczyk:

Facebook’s Barry Schnitt told me in an e-mail that while the site doesn’t comment on actions against individual users, “penalties for posting content in violation of our policies range from warnings to temporarily or permanently disabling accounts.” He also confirmed that the site is working with the Secret Service but couldn’t provide any details of their investigation.

As to the source of the poll, he said: “The third-party application that enabled an individual user to create the offensive poll was brought to our attention this morning (Monday). It was immediately suspended while the inappropriate content could be removed by the developer and until such time as the developer institutes better procedures to monitor their user-generated content.”

UPDATE 2: The Political Carnival’s “Gottalaff” gets a thank you call from the Secret Service. Nice work, Laff.

The wingers meanwhile, are curiously silent on this story… except for the Feepers, who clearly don’t trust their own members to comment without saying something violent, racist, stupid or all of the above… they’ve locked the thread, but not before one of them asked:

To: Red in Blue PA

Did we Freep that poll?

4 posted on Mon Sep 28 16:23:02 2009 by Commander X (Hey Barry, what are you hiding?)

The Freeps did, however, leave up the thread where wingers try to convince themselves that the poll was actually a dastardly case of liberal misdirection... (they didn’t put it that way, of course, because they don’t speak with that kind of complexity. In Freeperese, it would be “I’ll bet it was put up by a lib.”

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5 Responses to What to do with the ‘Should Obama be killed?’ Facebook pollster?

  1. RT Simon says:

    From Canada: This is absolute craziness. This man should not only be arrested, but should publicly apologize so that a open national debate follows, centered on the subject of hate and how it should be outlawed. This is simple racial hatred from a nation with a very poor educational track record; something really ugly is going to happen if you don’t reign in this hatred; nip it in the bud asap. The world is watching and wondering: what is going on in America???

  2. JReid says:

    I agree. The U.S. looked like a Renaissance country on November 4th of last year. We look like a basketful of hicks and crazies now. What a shame.

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  4. Almighty Snake says:

    @RT Simon… Wtf are you talking about. The poll said nothing about race. You might disagree with the poll and fine thats your right, but spreading disinformation about race having something to do with this issue is completely inflammatory and should not be tolerated. Stfu, please.

    I am absoloutely sick and tired of critics having their arguments being interperted as racisim…

    Unfortunately we live in a world where our progressiveness is completely in it’s infancy. Hopefully 20 years from now critics of a black, mexican, gay, or whatever president won’t draw complaints of racisim. But now unfortunately we have raging hyper-sensitive douche bags that can only react with knee-jerk liberalisim and scream “racisim racisim racisim” at every corner.

    Also just a reminder, presidents that are not black have also been assasinated. Minoritys are not subjected alone to this type of behavior.

  5. Almighty Snake says:

    Also remember… we DID elect a black president. Maybe complaints about his performance have something to do with other than his race.

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