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Sean Carter: FOB (Friend of Barack???) and other gems from the White House visitor logs

CORRECTED: ThinkProgress has the real deal, and I had it wrong (though I should stipulate that I actually wouldn’t care if any of those people visited the White House…) But the facts are these: Jay Z and Michael Jordan? yes, … Continue reading

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Local politics: Down and dirty in District 5

Miami Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones is running for a second term, buffeted by headwinds that include an ethical cloud that has hung over her office, resistance from a growing number of quarters in Miami’s Black community, and grumblings from supporters of … Continue reading

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Shameeless self-promotion

My latest column in the South Florida Times is on the missed opportunities in President Obama’s recent stop in Miami.

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Enough is enough: why the Democrats must punish Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman no longer belongs in the Democratic caucus. In fact, he hasn’t belonged for a long, long time. Having declared himself an “Independent Democrat,” whatever that means, after being rejected by Democratic voters in Connecticut, and then begged for … Continue reading

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What Joe Lieberman might hope to gain by killing healthcare reform

In politics, the name of the game is who gets what, and it’s the rare member of Congress — and usually the very rich or very safe one — who isn’t at least for rent, if not for sale. So … Continue reading

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The nanny

Wow … that explains a lot … Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

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How much longer can Shep Smith take it?

Fox News’ lonely champion of “fair and balanced” reporting continues to fight the good fight: We’re with you, Shep. And when you’ve finally had enough and leave Fox News, I’ll be sure to tune in to your next gig.

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South Florida Buzz: Shake-up in District 5?

While the Miami media establishment is focused on the upcoming Miami mayor’s race, something interesting is happening in District 5 — the district covering some of Miami’s poorest neighborhoods (Overtown, Liberty City, Little Haiti…) Just a few weeks ago, most … Continue reading

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Lieberman pulls a Lieberman

We’re all familiar with Joe Lieberman’s act by now. First, he cheers the election of Democratic president, and then practically shoves him over the side to darned near support impeaching him for having a sexual affair. … Next, he humbly … Continue reading

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NASCAR driver on ‘taco’ remark: ‘who is Bob Griese?’

Bob Griese, former Miami Dolphins football great and current sports commentator, extended the fine tradition established by men like Jimmy the Greek, Howard Cosell, Al Campanis and Rush “Never, Ever Gonna Be an NFL Team Owner (heehee!)” Limbaugh on ESPN … Continue reading

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