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Lieberman pulls a Lieberman

We’re all familiar with Joe Lieberman’s act by now. First, he cheers the election of Democratic president, and then practically shoves him over the side to darned near support impeaching him for having a sexual affair. … Next, he humbly … Continue reading

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NASCAR driver on ‘taco’ remark: ‘who is Bob Griese?’

Bob Griese, former Miami Dolphins football great and current sports commentator, extended the fine tradition established by men like Jimmy the Greek, Howard Cosell, Al Campanis and Rush “Never, Ever Gonna Be an NFL Team Owner (heehee!)” Limbaugh on ESPN … Continue reading

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Fox anchors getting testy over ‘fair and balanced’

Could the White House strategy of marginalizing Fox News be starting to rattle their anchors? Signs point to yes. Watch what happens when one of the network’s “news” men gets hit with the company slogan on the air: That’s a … Continue reading

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