Need someone to blame, Chicago? Try the nutjob right

rightwingusaI was just thinking, with the International Olympic Committee so heavily populated by Europeans, could Europe’s image of the U.S. have continued to play a role in our inability to win the games? When Bush was in, the world basically hated us, which is why the righties are so gleeful to see that in their minds, the world still does (take that, Obama!) But I’ve got to wonder if when those European voters (let’s face it, likely snobs who start with a low opinion of the U.S. and work their way up from there) went into deliberations, images like the ones after the jump, of a still roguish, bellicose and backwater America, with ugly town hallers, rowdy teabaggers and kooks who carry guns to town hall meetings in the vicinity of our president — the ultimate “ugly America,” versus an increasingly forward-looking, internationalist Brazil, played a part in their decision making. Perhaps if the Copenhagen decision had been made in, say February, when the world was marveling at America’s election of its first black president, Chicago would have stood a chance. But after the summer of crazy, when America must have looked to all the world like a country gone mad, and with states like Arizona pushing open gun carry laws to their illogical extreme — allowing people to arm up inside bars — is it any wonder they don’t want to bring the Olympics here? I give the president and first lady all the credit in the world for trying to bring those 300,000-plus jobs to this country, and to give America a new lease on life in the eyes of the world. But as long as the right wing in this country is as vocal, as nasty, and as ugly, as it is, all I can say is, “good luck with that.”  UPDATE: Rumblings suggest anti-Americanism leftovers from the Bush era to blame, and ThinkProgress speculates on whether Bush-era security regimes regarding tourist visas made America seem an unwelcoming place…

Is this the America the International Olympic Committee ran from, in droves?












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  1. Excellent post and I wonder if in the next days whether the IOC will say why they picked Rio over everyone else. Hey I was living in Atlanta when it got the Games over Athens, Greece so that was a big upset at that time too.

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