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Happy Thanksgiving! … unless you’re a turkey, in which case, never mind

The turkey has been pardoned, the guest lists set, and now, all that’s left to do is get ready for some football (and pie). This year, the Reid family will be doing something we haven’t done in a while — … Continue reading

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Teen expresses sympathy in torching of ‘friend’

Jeremy Jarvis, the younger brother of Denver Colorado Jarvis (yes, that’s his real name) — one of three teenagers charged with attempted murder (as adults) in the torching of Michael Brewer, who was doused with rubbing alcohol and set on … Continue reading

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So, about that leprosy thing…

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. From Politico: Perhaps thinking of a future political career, former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs softened his harsh anti-illegal immigrant rhetoric during an interview Tuesday, telling the viewers of the Spanish-speaking network Telemundo that “I … Continue reading

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Will Adam Lambert ‘tart up’ the CBS Early Show?

Lambert’s AMA performance: the most offensive part was the singing… CBS mornings may never be the same. The excitement-challenged morning show will grab ABC’s sloppy seconds, booking Adam Lambert for a morning concert performance. (Onlookers may want to stand back … Continue reading

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Like water for stupid: the Sarah Palin fan tapes

This video will explain everything you need to know about Sarah Palin’s popularity. She is the undisputed queen of the stupid people. Watch (and cringe): Wow. Kind of explains George W. Bush getting two terms, too … Related: Palinites sowing … Continue reading

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Teabaggers exposed: laughing at the death of a woman and her unborn child

Wow. And you thought these people were pro life …

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Outrage: Beck to spit on ‘I have a dream’ anniversary

UPDATE: I spoke to Paul Porter of IndustryEars this evening, and he has gotten the ball rolling on major push-back on this, including the NAACP and Beck’s nemeses at Color of Change. It’s on! Original post: The race-baiting Fox News/talk … Continue reading

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In case you missed it: Al Gore brings the funny

Gore’s appearance on SNL was great. Here he is giving his “plan B” if his push for renewed attention to climate change doesn’t work: the upshot — arming trees with toy guns. Watch: This guy is hilarious!

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Maybe it’s just me …

… but I find myself wishing Debbie Wasserman Schultz was a candidate to be the Democratic Senate nominee from Florida. In a state with only a handful of political stars (Alan Grayson is another, but may be too unpredictable to … Continue reading

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Harry gets his 60

Healthcare reform moves forward in the Senate, finally, as Harry Reid corrals the 60 votes needed to open debate on the combo bill. Of course, closing off debate will be another matter… More on the vote at the Huffpo, and … Continue reading

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