Teabaggers exposed: laughing at the death of a woman and her unborn child

Wow. And you thought these people were pro life …

Oh, and the head of the teabagger group Chicago Tea Party Patriots, which formed the angry white mob at this particular town hall? She’s also a crazy, cyber- and phone stalking birther, who once threatened to blow a fellow right wing blogger’s head off. Nice movement you’ve got there, Mr. Beck. Per someone named Robert Wilson:

This woman Catherina is, at best, unstable. I received a flyer from the Chicago Tea Party stuck under the windshield wiper of my car. I am fortunate to be able to drive an expensive car and prefer people to leave it alone (especially on private property). She was the contact so I called and complained. She spent the next hour calling me 25 times, leaving a dozen messages (some very unpleasant), texting me “idiot”, “pure idiot”, etc. She proceeded to facebook my phone number (after being smart enough to tell me she would do so in a text and voicemail) so others could harrass me (which they did). Well, now a judge has issued an arrest warrent for her and they know where she’ll be Nov. 7.

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2 Responses to Teabaggers exposed: laughing at the death of a woman and her unborn child

  1. uzua says:

    Monday, November 30th, CW called that poor woman that lost her daughter in law “a bitch and a fucking whore”. And she doubts the daughter in law’s existence. There are no words to describe CW. How does someone become that distorted and downright cruel?
    Anyone know the outcome of the Robert Wilson claim?

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