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Limbaugh hospitalized with chest pains

He was in Hawaii (covering the president’s vacation? Or just taking one of his own?) and apparently came down with chest pains. The folks over at Moderate Voice posted earlier that he had been in serious condition, but news reports … Continue reading

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Did the Bush-Cheney administration’s excessive trust in Saudi ‘art therapy’ make us less safe?

In the frenzied hours and days after 9/11, only one kind of person was allowed to get on an international flight and leave the U.S. while our airspace was closed. What kind of person? Saudis. Including Saudis who were related … Continue reading

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The teabagger takeover

Remember Lloyd Marcus, the Black guy with the cowboy hat who sang an ode to Sarah Palin after the campaign and who was just so … darned … weird? Well turns out he’s not just some failed, makeshift Charlie Pride. … Continue reading

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Undiebomber vs. Shoe Bomber: vive la difference

Why are the armchair warriors on the right freaking out at the thought of trying would-be “undiebomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab in criminal court, when they didn’t seem to have a problem trying the attempted “shoe bomber,” Richard Reid in normal … Continue reading

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Shut up, Dick Cheney

Why does the former vice president hate President Obama more than he hats the terrorists? The bathtub ring of the Bush administration crawled out from underneath his bridge again to make comment on the undiebomber, and revived his prognosis that … Continue reading

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Yemen to U.S.: send choppers!

The tiny country of Yemen uses the attempted “pants-on-fire terror attack” the way any self-respecting third world country would: to squeeze the West for military aid.

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How to fix 2010

Steve Rosenthal offers some sound advice for Democrats whose knees are shaking over 2010′s midterm elections. Step one: stop whining. Step two: remember the Obama agenda (5 million green jobs this decade, rebuilding our infrastructure — which means jobs — … Continue reading

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Tiger, you tacky S.O.B.! (allegedly)

Jesus, poor Erin can’t turn her back for ten minutes! The ink isn’t even wet on his possible divorce, and Tiger’s already stepping out, Brangelina style (allegedly) with the other woman (well, one of the 14 other women anyway…) while … Continue reading

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So what’s a guy got to do to get on a no-fly list around here?

I mean, when his own father is telling you to watch out for the guy … From CNN, a report on how it all went so almost horribly wrong:

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Tiger-like temptations

On the New York Times blog, former baseball player Doug Glanville explains Tiger Woods the way only another pro athlete can. I was just 20 when I was drafted and it didn’t take long to understand that a new kind … Continue reading

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