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Barack Obama’s “there’s no pretty way to say this” speech

President Obama delivered a talk tonight on the grim reality of what we have to do in Afghanistan, and he did so without frills. To put it bluntly, the speech didn’t soar. There was no cinematic moment out of a … Continue reading

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Now, they’re just coming out of the woodwork

Another day, another girl looking for her 15 minutes of Tiger fame (and maybe a chance at reality show stardom, or a little interview cash, or both…?) That’s waitress/reality show gal pal Jaime Grubbs on the left. She says she … Continue reading

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Harlem gospel choir just says no to Glenn Beck

… leading inquiring minds to ask: why would Glenn “Obama hates white people” Beck want to have a black choir singing for him anyway? And I guess we’ve finally figured out what Glenn thinks the appropriate place for Black people … Continue reading

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Learning to love Little Green Footballs

The publisher of LGF and co-founder of Pajamas Media, who has been pissing off wingers for some time now with his maddeningly reasonable take on things like the birthers and evolution, finally quits the conservative movement. Welcome back from the … Continue reading

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Go big AND go home

The WaPo previews President Obama’s Afghanistan speech, which will reportedly include an order for 34,000 additional troops, plus a few sign posts toward the exit door.

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The uninvited: Salahis claim they didn’t party crash, say lives ‘ruined’ by all that awful, awful, nasty publicity

They weren’t tardy for the party, and the wanna-be reality stars told Matt Lauer this morning on “Today” that they’re no state dinner crashers. What’s worse: “This has been the most devastating thing that’s ever happened to us,” Tareq Salahi, … Continue reading

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Well you knew how this thing was gonna end

Maurice Clemmons, the man suspected of gunning down four Seattle police officers who were minding their own business, sitting in a coffee shop, has been shot dead by police. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be a prosecution (or more … Continue reading

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“I basically don’t”

Draft dodging former vice president, would-be war criminal and Jon Meacham dream 2012 candidate Dick Cheney’s three-word answer to whether the Bush-Cheney failed presidency bears any responsibility for the mess in Afghanistan. The follow up question? There was none. Oh, … Continue reading

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Teabagger vs. Teabagger: Chicago tea group distances itself from hecklers

From Thinkprogress: word that a group called the Chicago Tea Party Patriots, which encouraged its members to attend a town hall earlier in the month, is belatedly trying to distance itself from what it calls a “splinter group” responsible for … Continue reading

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The Salahis, the Pentagon, and the pimping of access

When I first heard about the case of Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the now-infamous White House state dinner crashers, my first thought was: damn, what if these two had been “birthers,” or 9/12ers, or other assorted Palinites, White supremacists or … Continue reading

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