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Friends: Liberty City edition

Jury selection in Liberty City pastor Gaston Smith’s trial finally gets under way tomorrow, after a delay that placed its start after the Miami District 5 election, where its disclosures might have proved unhelpful to a certain suspended commissioner who … Continue reading

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Eric burns Beck

Eric Burns, the guy who used to host the one decent program on Fox News: “Fox and Friends,” (and one of just three “fair and balanced” journalists ever to grace that network, the other being the departed Jane Hall and … Continue reading

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Will the Cablinasian community rise to Tiger’s defense?

**UPDATE: More blonde bombshells for Tiger … details at the end of the post. (sigh) ** An AP article by a reporter named Jesse Washington states that Tiger’s multiple flings with non-black women are causing agita within the African-American community. … Continue reading

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David Gregory: ‘the left’ opposes Afghan escalation … George Will: ‘I oppose Afghan escalation’

David Gregory’s Fox News audition continued this week, as he inexplicably couched opposition to the president’s Afghanistan troop increase in partisan terms: MR. GREGORY (to Bob Woodward): All right, I’ve just got a couple minutes left. Let’s bring it back … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck: ‘THESE black people love me!’

Some guy named Brian Reynolds has done us the considerable favor of declaring all talk of Glenn Beck’s racism to be dead, dead, dead, following the re-airing of his November-era town hall for black conservatives, dubbed “Time to be Heard!” … Continue reading

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