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Quotable: Paul Krugman

Reluctantly supporting passing Senate healthcare, but lamenting the way the Senate works: at this rate we’re well on our way to becoming a failed state.

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The take-down of Buju Banton

The DEA has put its case against Buju Banton (real name Mark Myrie) on blast, and the details aren’t pretty. From the Jamaica Observer: Yesterday, the DEA released a criminal complaint signed by Special Agent Daniel McCaffrey who said that … Continue reading

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Kill Bill, vol. 2

HoDo throws down the gauntlet on healthcare on “Countdown” tonight, confirming Greg Sargent’s reporting and saying the bill under consideration in the Senate is not real reform. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Think … Continue reading

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Charlie Crist’s doomsday poll?

Bearing in mind that it’s Rasmussen, with the right wing Republican lean that entails, the group’s latest Florida poll has got to be giving Charlie Crist and his team fits tonight: Governor Charlie Crist and former state House Speaker Marco … Continue reading

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Lieberman blinks

Faced with a torrent of criticism, both online and soto voce by members of the Democratic caucus (though they don’t dare go after him openly, lest he bail on the healthcare bill yet again,) a drive to push his wife … Continue reading

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Flashback post of the day: Kill Bill

Back in September, I wrote a piece for this blog and Open Salon speculating on whether liberals would have to mobilize to kill the healthcare reform bill in order to save the idea of real healthcare reform. Now, with “reform” … Continue reading

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Tiger ‘on the edge’

The New York Post reports Tiger Woods is barely coping as his bimbo eruptions increase … to 14, including a 48-year-old Florida cougar who claims to have bedded the golf phenom over the course of five years, before and during … Continue reading

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Progressives target Rahm

The White House chief of staff, said to have been the driver of the “give Lieberman anything he wants” White House push, becomes the target of an Illinois ad campaign: So far, it’s a small buy, but the fact that … Continue reading

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Joe Lieberman: untrusted, unloved, unstoppable?

The National Journal’s “Insiders Poll” finds that political movers and shakers in Washington admire politicians who get things done (Dick Durbin, Republican John Thune…) who play hardball (Pelosi, Cantor) or who have that “it factor” (Debbie Wasserman Shultz.) And they … Continue reading

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Closing Gitmo update: some prisoners headed to Illinois

From the Chicago Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet comes the scoop tonight that the Obama White House has settled on a destination for at least some prisoners from Guantanamo Bay: WASHINGTON–The White House will announce Tuesday that President Obama will seek to … Continue reading

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