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Senate backlash: Franken shuts down Lieberman

Classic Franken today in the Senate. But Joe’s not taking it personally … Meanwhile, Moveon.org’s campaign to shut Lieberman down for good passes the $1 million mark lightning quick. So what to do with the funds if Joe doesn’t run?

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It’s war: Dean, Andy Stern cold cock InsuranceCare, side swipe Obama in the process

On Morning Joe, HoDo says that after this healthcare debacle, he’ll vote for Barack Obama in 2012. But that’s about it … Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Meanwhile, SEIU’s Andy Stern takes a … Continue reading

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To the rescue: Nate Silver

Numbers whiz Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight.com has, intriguingly, become the staunchest defender of the Senate healthcare compromise. He poses 20 questions for bill killers here, makes his “elevator pitch” here, and debates Kos and FDL’s Jon Walker here. The debate … Continue reading

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Polls: we all fall down

Two polls: no good news for the Obama administration (or Democrats, or Republicans.) First up, the NBC/WSJ poll, which has President Obama’s approval rating dipping below 50 percent for the first time. The bottom line: For the first time, Obama’s … Continue reading

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Someone to love

They say Republicans fall in line, while Democrats fall in love. Well, Democrats who have been dispirited by the capitulations of the Obama White House and the weasily vibe of Senate “conservadems” yet have a handful of folks they can … Continue reading

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Bring back Glass-Steagall! John McCain (and Maria Cantwell)’s very good idea

TDB has a piece focusing on one way Sen. John McCain could use his trademark peevishness for good: The Obama administration is talking tough but acting tame with respect to Wall Street. But a pair of senators is coming out … Continue reading

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The new Mr. 60?

Meet Bernie Sanders. Like Joe Lieberman, he’s an Independent Senator from the Northeast who caucuses with the Democrats. And like Lieberman, he doesn’t have to do what they say … Asked by Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto asked Sanders if … Continue reading

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Michael Moore: ‘punish Connecticut’ (plus: can you recall a Senator?)

… for electing Joe Lieberman. The filmmaker Tweeted for a boycott of the state unless it initiates a recall of the duplicitous Indepdent Senator, who it’s clear will pay no price for gutting healthcare reform on behalf of his state’s … Continue reading

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