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You’re welcome, Connecticut

Not content to have pushed for preemptive military action in Iraq, Iran and Syria, now, your “Independent” Senator would like the U.S. to “act” in Yemen. “Somebody in our government said to me in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, Iraq … Continue reading

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Taliban releases video said to be of missing soldier

The Taliban releases a video — on Christmas Day, no less — purporting to be Bowe Bergdahl, the young soldier who disappeared June 30th after wandering away from his unit. The young man in the tape is wearing a U.S. … Continue reading

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Flight 253 ‘hero’ wants cash for disclosure

Welcome to the brave new world of temporary celebrity. From Mediaite: Here is a lesson in how journalism (and really, life) works in 2009: the passenger on Northwest Flight 253 being billed as a hero for helping subdue Umar Farouk … Continue reading

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The decline and fall of ‘Meet the Press’ – Newt Gingrich edition

I can hardly get through a whole episode of Meet the Press anymore, since Tim Russert passed and ceded the throne to Fox News contender David Gregory, whose legendary buddy act with George W. Bush somehow earned him the reputation … Continue reading

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