Remainders: Sarah Palin, Birther/not-birther, Tiger’s mama and Charlie’s whoopsie

sarah-palin1Sarah Palin, is, and is not, a birther. Thank God for Facebook retractions. But what will her base think about her believing (sort of) that Barack Obama is American-born?

Meanwhile, if you have any questions for the former governor, please address them in English only. Muchisimas gracias.

Charlie Crist’s headaches continue. This time, his attempt to promote the state’s Kidcare health plan backfires, as he unwittingly steers Floridians to a naughty chat line. When it rains…

Call it smart positioning. The head of Comcast, which is set to face federal scrutiny over its acquisition of a majority stake in NBC/Universal, comes out in favor of the Democratic healthcare overhaul.

And in case you haven’t had enough Tiger, the Globe and Mail has an exhaustive story purporting to take you inside the troubled Woods marriage, including wife Elin’s issues with Tiger’s purportedly overbearing mom.

Happy Friday!

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4 Responses to Remainders: Sarah Palin, Birther/not-birther, Tiger’s mama and Charlie’s whoopsie

  1. EboNeocon says:

    She is blowing the dog whistle of racial politics very loudly here.

    As a Black conservative, I am saddened to see her promote racialist views. I hope she provides greater clarification; she has done a disservice to all children of immigrants.

    The GOP is losing me to the far right fringe more and more.

  2. norris hall says:

    Palin in Facebook: “I’ve pointed out that it was seemingly fair game during the 2008 election for many on the left to badger my doctor and lawyer for proof that Trig is in fact my child. Conspiracy-minded reporters and voters had a right to ask… which they have repeatedly.”

    Palin in person: “Hey, you know, that’s a great point, in that weird conspiracy-theory freaky thing that people talk about that Trig isn’t my real son. And a lot of people say, “Well you need to produce his birth certificate! You need to prove that he’s your kid!” Which we have done. But yeah, so maybe we could reverse that and use the same [unintelligible]-type thinking on them.”

    I like the “Valley Girl” Palin version…the one that uses the words “Hey, you know”, “that Wierd Freaky Thing”, “But Yeah”. The Facebook one sounds like it was written by a speech writer with an education.
    Palin Reminds me of President Bush. I think Sarah would make a great Presidential candidate. Saturday Night Live would see their ratings skyrocket

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