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Not content to have pushed for preemptive military action in Iraq, Iran and Syria, now, your “Independent” Senator would like the U.S. to “act” in Yemen.

“Somebody in our government said to me in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, Iraq was yesterday’s war. Afghanistan is today’s war. If we don’t act preemptively, Yemen will be tomorrow’s war,” Lieberman said, during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday”. “That’s the danger we face.”

The Connecticut Independent, who heads the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, made his remarks just days after a Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab — a Nigerian with apparent ties to terrorist networks in Yemen — failed in his attempt to blow up a plane above Detroit, Michigan.

In his appearance on “Fox News Sunday”, Lieberman also argued that the botched attack should compel the Obama administration to abandon efforts to transfer suspected-terrorists out of the holding facility at Guantanamo Bay, saying that the complex is now well above international standards.

“I know the president made a promise he’d close Guantanamo because of what it represented in world opinion,” Lieberman said. “But today it’s a first-class facility. It’s way above what’s required by the Geneva Convention or our constitution. It would be a mistake to send these 90 people back to Yemen because, based on the past of what’s happened when we’ve released people from Guantanamo, a certain number have gone back into the fight against us. Yemen now becomes one of the centers of that fight.”

Arlen Specter, meanwhile, handed his primary opponent some ammo on the same show, by essentially agreeing with Fightin’ Joe, at least in the soundbite that surely will be circulated to Democratic voters in PA. Lieberman, it should be noted, got out of having to fight in Vietnam by securing two deferments for himself, much as did his partner in ideological crime, Dick Cheney, who got five (ditto for most of the neocons.) But boy, do these guys love getting the U.S. to go to war in the Middle East.

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