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Brown overboard? GOP hero fails abortion litmus test

Scott Brown, I hope you enjoyed the adulation while it lasted. Not a week after he conquered the western world by returning Republicans to the majority, not just in the Senate, by a 41-59 supergap, but in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE … Continue reading

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The terrorist next door

The New York Times Magazine runs a fascinating, long article by Andrea Elliott, which begs the question: can boredom turn a bright, conflicted kid into a terrorist?

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New Miami Herald column: Dunn deal

I’ve got an extra column in the Herald this week, focusing on the deal the Miami commissioners extracted from their newly appointed colleague, Rev. Richard Dunn. Read it here.

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Sarah Palin: ‘merge the tea party and the GOP’ (and give me my money!)

Sister Sarah isn’t backing down from next week’s for-profit tea party convention, and she plans to make a tidy profit of her own: more than $100,000 according to Mother Jones. Asked by Greta Van Susteren whether she planned to attend, … Continue reading

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Roeder convicted of Tiller murder in just 37 minutes

It was an open and shut case, and never hinged on whether or not Scott Roeder, 51, shot Dr. George Tiller in the head while the doctor was attending a church service, because he admitted that he did just that … Continue reading

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Obama gets feisty at the GOP gathering

President Obama finally got the chance to directly confront his critics on the Hill today, and I have to say, this was a damned good television, and a great showing by the president, who batted down Republican arguments like a … Continue reading

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The temp, the plaintifs, and the D5 hustle

At a town hall meeting yesterday, according to WLRN, newly selected “caretaker” commissioner Richard Dunn (a/k/a “the temp,”) who already has his very own city email address, by the way, promised his constituents (from the audio, it sounded like there … Continue reading

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Friday round-up: prefab homes for Haiti, Alito and Obama not friends

President Obama goes into the lion’s den today, to meet with House Republicans who have already made clear they’re not planning to cooperate with him, because they still see political advantage in saying “no.” Oh, and before I forget: bye-bye, … Continue reading

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5.7 percent

The economy grew more strongly than expected last quarter,  and the 5.7 percent jump was the best since the third quarter of 2003. That’s great news for the economy — but not yet for workers (employment tends to be a … Continue reading

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In Tampa, Crist braves the wrath of the teabaggers by shaking hands with the prez

Brave Charlie Crist, knowing that he will soon be pounded by the teabag nation, dared to shake hands with the president of the United States today. The governor of the state also took the stalwart step of defending his role … Continue reading

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