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Short takes

A new poll shows what you already probably knew: everybody hates Lieberman. Belatedly, Miamians begin to ask: what Marlins stadium jobs? On the bright side, the stadium you suckers just bought for the Marlins does have a square roof with … Continue reading

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Spelling-challenged, race-baiting teabagger guy to GOP: Florida is just the beginning

Dale “N Word” Robertson, who I should remind you is the guy on just to the left of this paragraph with the misspelled, offensive sign … has a warning for the Republican Party that the teabaggers claim they’re not actually … Continue reading

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Vote of confidence

A member of the Baptist Minister’s Council of Greater Miami & Vicinity confirmed to me this morning that Rev. Gaston Smith, recently convicted of third degree grand theft of grant money meant for his charitable organization (and this month’s “Faith … Continue reading

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WTF? The Census counting ‘negroes’

What year is it … 1935??? And who at the Census Bureau had the bright idea to include this on the form?” Question No. 9 on this year’s census form asks about race, with one of the answers listed as … Continue reading

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VF’s Tiger issue: behind the golfer’s blank canvas facade

Tiger Woods cultivated an image that was essentially a blank canvas — a non-threatening slate on which advertisers and sponsors, video game makers and sportscasters could paint whatever they wanted. As Vanity Fair’s cover story, which includes an ironically “bad … Continue reading

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