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Roger Ailes: fear and loathing in America

The New York Times’ profile of Fox News Channel’s Roger Ailes reveals that he’s one scary dude. Even the Murdochs seem to be afraid of him. Meanwhile, page two of the piece seems to reveal something else: Roger Ailes IS … Continue reading

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Old fashioned Harry apologizes for praising Obama’s light skin, non-Negro dialect (plus: bonus GOP hypocrisy)

The country’s 130-year old Senate majority leader Harry Reid fired off a note via quill pen and had it hand delivered to CNN by horse and buggy, in which he apologized for opining on Barack Obama’s prospects to become America’s … Continue reading

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The Republican race problem: they can’t fire Michael Steele

Matt Drudge and his acolytes may be having a good old time sticking it to Harry Reid over his “Negro dialect” remark from over a year ago, but his party is having serious issues today. Issue one: they can’t get … Continue reading

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