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Let the incoherence begin!

I for one can’t wait to see Sarah Palin make her Fox News debut. Oh, the sentences she can mangle — the facts she can confuse! And she’s about to create jobs — there will soon be a serious need … Continue reading

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Oh for Pete’s sake … Reid apologizes AGAIN

… and highlights his civil rights record. You know what I’d like to see Harry apologize for? Letting Joe Lieberman keep his gavel. Okay, fellas, time to move along. I know there’s got to be some news to report out … Continue reading

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The Daily (Caller) Double

Tucker Carlson’s new only mag, The Daily Caller, jumped off today, and while it offered not much that’s all that new, beyond being a red and white Huffington Post (plus a nice post from Tucker’s paranoid, Hollywood-hating friend, and another … Continue reading

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Can you force a fat cat to give to charity?

Two stories in the New York Times today about the struggle in Washington, and on Wall Street, to deal with public anger over the obscene bonuses about to be issued by the big banks we bailed out, after they reaped … Continue reading

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Sarah’s new gig

Ms. Palin goes home. The self-retired ex governor and official Queen of Mo Money Alaska officially joins the Fox News family (where she’s been unofficial talent since last fall.) UPDATE: Who else but Mike Allen serves up the hilarious Republican … Continue reading

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Was Harry Reid right?

UPDATE: The Democratic push-back against Reid’s GOP critics is about to kick into high gear. Republicans go after the race issue at their peril… Republicans apparently are apparently determined to try and make political hay out of the remarks by … Continue reading

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Read this book, and despair!

It’s all about “Game Change” in the MSM and online this morning. A slow Monday can only mean one thing: gossip time! Of course, the authors of the book Mark Halperin and John Heileman, deny that their book is a … Continue reading

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