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The Meek campaign’s petition effort questioned

Peter Schorsch of St. Petersblog does a thorough analysis of Kendrick Meek’s petition drive, which before Haiti had been the animating force behind his campaign — and finds good reason to believe it’s coming up short. Schorch, who references a … Continue reading

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The SCOTUS ‘corporate cash for candidates’ decision: left, right and tea

Republicans are celebrating the ruling that will open the floodgates to unlimited corporate spending on campaigns, and to the buying up of whatever remaining real estate is left on the souls of our members’ of congress. But the GOP may … Continue reading

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Krugman’s about done with Obama

The NYT columnist is sick of the muddling on healthcare, and he’s not mincing words.

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Roberts court to corporations: make it rain

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision to bust open the limits on corporate (and union) campaign spending should, if there were a real media out there, be the big story of the day (it won’t, at least not until the Scott … Continue reading

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Panic in the streets: left and right start party scrubbing

Three quick headlines from TPMDC. First, in the wake of the Scott Brown World Ending, Democratic Party Canceling Greatest Election of All Time (ahem) teabaggers are feeling infused with power, and their next goal is to topple the more electable … Continue reading

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A little perspective on Democrats and Brown, plus something really imporant

I realize that Politico’s meme of the day, based on 2/3 of the articles on the front page this morning is that based on the Massachusetts election, in which a majority of voters elected someone who still hasn’t call himself … Continue reading

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John Edwards: you ARE the father

“It was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter, and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me,” Edwards said in a statement. That statement was released to NBC’s Today show and The News & … Continue reading

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Shameless self-promotion: my new gig

I’ll be writing a twice monthly column for the Miami Herald, mainly about my favorite subject: politics. The first column can be found here, and covers one of my new favorite subjects: the ongoing soap opera that is Michelle Spence-Jones. … Continue reading

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And now, the Obama course correction

It took three statewide election losses and a sure-as-rain in Florida certainty that Teddy Kennedy is now haunting the White House, but it appears that Team Obama has finally gotten the message. Yes, America, they hear you. And it appears … Continue reading

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