Doritos’ Super Bowl commercial: racist or not?

UPDATE: It’s officially hilarious.

ORIGINAL POST: The folks over at Bossip are calling it racist. I just think it’s bloody, freaking hilarious. You be the judge:

The spot, called “House Rules,” is actually a spec commercial submitted to the Doritos Crash the SuperBowl contest. The top three spots will be aired on game day. Go here to check out the finalists and vote.

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10 Responses to Doritos’ Super Bowl commercial: racist or not?

  1. Joe says:

    And what exactly is racist about this commercial?

  2. michele says:

    yeah, i don’t understand how this is racist. i thought it was cute. i think the people who think it’s racist WANT TO SEE IT THAT WAY.

  3. Michelle-Marie says:

    doritos marketing team: “now how can we connect with the blacks??? hmmm…let’s do something with a single mom in a mini skirt
    and a hypersexualized guy with dreads!” racist.

  4. Lisa Grayson says:

    As an African American female, I found the stereotypical nature of this ad to be offensive. A young, single black female with an obnoxious son, who uses slang like “my mama”. I believe the commercial could have worked with a younger couple, and the kid could have been her “little brother”.

  5. Geno says:

    I think you really need to get over it what percentage of lil black kids don’t use the term “my mama” my God people it’s not “slang” it’s what most black people call their mothers. It was a cute commercial and being a black man I am glad they put out a commercial showing a young black boy who is protective of his mother and cares about the quality of black man that she dates. I think most of you on here are over sensitive and thinks “The Man” is out to get you. Get over it. How man kids you know that looks out for their mother in such a way. E/b is so quick to say Racisim remember these commercials weren’t made in house @ doritos they were submitted.

  6. Chavonne Harvey says:

    I see how people could be uncomfortable with this commercial. Racist is too strong of a word for this commercial. I think it’s a stereotypical commercial that’s all. We need to break stereo types and this doesn’t help at all especially being seen by so many people during a super bowl game. But it’s not racist or meant to hurt anyone.

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