Friday round-up: prefab homes for Haiti, Alito and Obama not friends

President Obama goes into the lion’s den today, to meet with House Republicans who have already made clear they’re not planning to cooperate with him, because they still see political advantage in saying “no.”

Oh, and before I forget: bye-bye, healthcare!

A South Florida architect has a great idea for housing Haiti’s estimated 800,000 homeless in the wake of the 1/12 earthquake: lightweight but sturdy, modular, temporary housing that can be built just down the road in Miami Gardens. The Miami Herald reports the easy-up homes, by influential Miami architect Andrés Duany (a stalwart on green building), are made from “nearly indestructible, space-age materials,” sleep eight people in bunk-like beds, and fold down to a 2-foot package than could easily be shipped to the island. Story here. Schematics of the modulars here.

Also in the Herald, get your Obama flip-flops! Perfect for wearing to the store in Miami, instead of those damned, fuzzy bedroom slippers!

The L.A. Times (and last night on CNN, Jeff Toobin) reports that there has been no flip-flop in the Barack Obama-Samuel Alito relationship. In short, it appears that Alito’s Joe Wilson moment at the SOTU after the president dared to call out the 5 judicial activists’ dreadful decision in the Citizens United / Corporations are People Too case, was just the latest opportunity for “Scalito” to show disdain for this president and his administration. According to Toobin, Alito was overheard at a dinner party not too long ago taking swipes at Joe Biden. But at least he showed up. Per the L.A. Times, Alito was the lone no-show at a reception Chief Horseman Roberts held for the soon-to-be-inaugurated president last January. Apparently, the animus has roots in Obama’s time as a Senator:

Four years ago, then-Sen. Obama was one of 42 Democrats who opposed Alito’s confirmation. He described Alito as a well-qualified judge, but one who “consistently sides on behalf of the powerful against the powerless or on behalf of a corporation against upholding Americans’ individual rights.”

A year later, Alito wrote the court’s 5-4 decision in the Lilly Ledbetter case, which threw out a sex-bias verdict in favor of an Alabama woman. Obama repeatedly criticized the ruling during his campaign, and as president signed a law to undo it.

So Clarence Thomas showed up, huh? Wouldn’t you have loved to hear that small talk …

Over to New York, where Harold Ford knuckles up on Kristin Gillibrand, then soothes his tired fists with a dainty spritz of chilled, purified water and a nice slathering of June Jacobs Green Tea and Cucumber Hand Creme. After that, he enjoyed a lovely scone at the Plaza Hotel with the miz (and her toy poodle), while wistfully recalling the brutish smell of the subway, which he loves, having experienced it that one time between jaunts on the heli.

To the tea party, where nutter Michelle Bachman and Marsha Blackburn have backed out of the moneybags convention, leaving Sarah Palin holding the money bag. BTW, is Sarah Palin a RINO now, and if so, how will Fox News choose between its queen and its rabble?

Meanwhile, speaking of the tea partiers, if Scott Brown continues to go on about playing basketball with President Obama (as opposed to stringing the president up by his ankles and beating him with a stick, which is so much more “tea party,”) and he turns out, as I suspect, to be a relatively moderate, traditional New England/old school Republican, rather than a red-baiting, fire breathing, Glenn Beck style right wing weirdo, will the teas turn on him? And wait til they find out his daughter (and potential two-on-two partner against the POTUS) voted for John Kerry...

Also: the RedStaters are gunning for Illinois, where they are determined to replace the rather electable, Scott Brown-ish moderate Mark Kirk, with a rabid right winger who can’t win, but whom Erick Erickson has decided contains the seeds of the divine. Ohmmmmmmm….. The primary is Tuesday, and if Kirk wins, can’t wait to see what the wingers do about that… Meanwhile, the latest Public Policy Poll has the Democratic front-runner, Alexi Giannoulias, up 42-34 over Kirk. After the primary, hopefully Giannoulias won’t go on vacation.

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