Hope for Haiti Now: Best performances of the night

(UPDATED, had to jettison the MTV embed videos, which play automatically. Also, note that the male look of the night was “the beard.”) Congrats to MTV, George Clooney, Wyclef Jean and all the celebs who got together to put on the Hope for Haiti telethon tonight. There were some great performances, along with heartbreaking video (and heart warming stories.) IMO, the three best performances of the night: to start off, Justin Timberlake and “other dude” (real name Matt Morris) singing one of my favorite songs (and one of the most haunting) “Hallelujah” -

And here’s JHud, looking great, and singing even better, covering The Beatles’ “Let it Be” (I was at a get-together, and this one silenced the room):

And did you catch Qestlove on the drums throughout the night? Good collaborations all around (including U2+Rihanna+Jay Z, and Keith Urban+Sheryl Crow+Kid Rock.) They even got Madonna to do “Like a prayer.” And Bruce Springsteen of course lent his time, too.

Here’s the Jay Z, Rihanna, U2 collabo:

Lots to download on this night (honorable mentions to Chris Martin + Beyonce, MJB and Christina Aguilera, Sting, John Legend, Stevie Wonder and really, everyone who performed), and a more than worthy cause. (BTW look for the Anderson Cooper shout out by Wyclef Jean to get replay on CNN for days.)

More info on Hope for Haiti Now here. Donate here.

Also from MTV: 10 celebrities you probably didn’t know were Haitian.

More performances:

Stevie Wonder “Bridge over Troubled Water”:

The awesome, gifted MJB, singing the civil war anthem, “Hard times come again no more”:

Christina Aguilera, singing what should probably be the theme song for the Haiti relief effort (and doing it beautifully,) “Lift me up”:

John Legend: “Motherless child”

Sting (looking great!) and singing “Driven to tears”:

Wyclef Jean doing his Bob Marley thing (sigh) but then kicking in Haitian style, which was great:

Beyonce accompanied by Chris Martin, “Halo”

Bruce! singing “We shall overcome” (which also became a moving anthem after 9/11):

Crow, Urban and Kid Rock, “Lean on Me”:

Emeline Michel, the “queen of Haitian music,” singing “Many rivers to cross”:

There’s much more, which you can find on MTV‘s site.

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