New Miami Herald column: Dunn deal

I’ve got an extra column in the Herald this week, focusing on the deal the Miami commissioners extracted from their newly appointed colleague, Rev. Richard Dunn. Read it here.

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7 Responses to New Miami Herald column: Dunn deal

  1. Leo Casino says:

    So sad,I have lived in Miam i 40 years and now it is not the city that I know and love. It is a city ruled by idiots,how can a minister be a politician at the same time ?

  2. Leo Casino says:

    Several years back Rev. Dunn was arrested for attacking his elderly grandfather, I confronted him on it,we almost had a fist fight. I told him I am not your grand daddy, I will whip yo ass !! True story, checkout the Herald archives…

  3. Joy-Ann Reid says:

    Leo, is that the arrest in 1989 or 1980 that I heard about? I was never able to find specifics.

  4. Leo Casino says:

    It was in the 80's, I will check for you.

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