Sarah Palin: ‘merge the tea party and the GOP’ (and give me my money!)

It's her party, now.

Sister Sarah isn’t backing down from next week’s for-profit tea party convention, and she plans to make a tidy profit of her own: more than $100,000 according to Mother Jones. Asked by Greta Van Susteren whether she planned to attend, after other prominent crazy ladies (hello, Michelle Bachman!) pulled out, along with other tea groups, and despite 500 unsold tickets. Her answer: “you betcha!” And Palin has a fine idea for how to grow the totally grassroots, not at all owned by anybody movement that is the tea parties: merge them with the GOP. Yeah! That’ll prove their independence!

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One Response to Sarah Palin: ‘merge the tea party and the GOP’ (and give me my money!)

  1. Pat says:

    How many teabags can you buy for $549? Or for (549 + 349 speaker fee) $898? That’s enough to keep me in Earl Grey till the Bristol Palin Administration.

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