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Stuff to watch today

The polls are open in Illinois, where the tea partiers will attempt (and probably fail) to take down the Republican in the race, Paul Kirk, and replace him with someone who can’t win. Go tea parties! So far, the Tribune … Continue reading

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Suddenly, Republicans don’t like ‘populism’

Having decided to use the tea partiers as shock troops to win elections, and to try and milk “populism” to try and take back control of Congress (yeah, good luck with that…) suddenly, Capitol Hill Republicans have discovered the enemy, … Continue reading

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Martha Coakley and the wrath of the Kennedys

Martha Coakley is probably the most infamous Democratic loser in modern American history, having given up the seat held for like, ever, by Teddy Kennedy. In the Beast today, Lloyd Grove gets an after action report from inside Team Kennedy, … Continue reading

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And now, a little Harold Ford ridiculousness

Stephen Colbert entertains the frantic, fast-talkiin’ flip-floppery of Sir Harold Ford, who went on the show to recover from a previous Colbert drubbing. Watch as he switches positions on issues faster than a Republican votes “no”: The Colbert Report Mon … Continue reading

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