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Franken on healthcare: pledge and pass

Al Franken was late to the Healthcare for America Now conference call, which didn’t make much news, except for this: Franken during the call laid out his support for the “pledge and pass” strategy for getting healthcare done. In other … Continue reading

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Dear Republicans: Please fillibuster the jobs bill

Someday soon, Democrats in Washington are going to learn how to do politics. Actually, Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Weiner from New York and other House members already know how. It’s time for Harry Reid and his Senate leadership team to catch … Continue reading

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The Mobile Mugging: Richard Shelby takes hostages

Republicans who screamed bloody murder about the “cornhusker compromise” or the “Louisiana purchase” have sure been quiet about Alabama Senator Richard Shelby’s latest antics. TPMDC reveals that Shelby is the Senator holding up every single one of President Obama’s nominees, … Continue reading

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Who’s more powerful, Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh?

That’s easy. Rush Limbaugh. After Palin went nuclear on Rahm Emanuel over a single, private use of the phrase “f-ing retarded” to describe liberal plans to run ads against conservative Democrats who were blocking healthcare reform, Limbaugh decided it was … Continue reading

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Charlie fights back

Charlie Crist quits pretending to be a fire breathing rightie and figures out the common sense response to the Rubio insurgency: ‘if I’m a RINO, then so is Ronald Reagan.” Watch (with a hat tip to Peter Schorsch): Watch CBS … Continue reading

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Anthony Weiner confirms: Joe Lieberman IS a …

Well, just watch (or click here for a spoiler): The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c

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Pure tea crazy

ABC News has the latest on the for-profit tea party “convention.” Great stuff, including Tom Tancredo decrying “the cult of multiculturalism,” John McCain, and the demise of “literacy tests” for voters — and that during Black History Month! Tancredo’s not … Continue reading

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