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Remainders: talk to the (Gibbs) hand, tea party fail

During the daily press briefing, Robert Gibbs test drives the Alaska prompter. Rasmussen might want to revisit their polling methodology, since Rasmussen polls are supposed to find that tea party candidates rule, not that they come in dead last in … Continue reading

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In case you missed it: Colbert mocks Sarah Palin’s hand prompter, calls her a ‘f-ing retard’

Hysterical: The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c

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Hate the stimulus? You lie!

Congressman Joe Wilson hates the stimulus package. So does Kit Bond. They think it’s wasteful, wasteful, wasteful good, gooooood… Sen. Christopher S. Bond regularly railed against President Obama’s economic stimulus plan as irresponsible spending that would drive up the national … Continue reading

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Michael Steele plays the race card

The RNC chair, who isn’t above trolling in racial stereotypes in order to be loved by his fellow Republicans (actually, they’re just laughing at you, bro — or cringing …) now wonders if the reactions to him (by the press? … Continue reading

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The suite life of the Florida GOP

The Florida Republican Party, whose members run this crippled state from stem to stern (and therefore can’t blame Democrats for high unemployment, a dreary economic environment fueled by too much reliance on housing and construction, too many developer gimmes, and … Continue reading

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Shelby releases (most of) the hostages

But the perpetrator of the Mobile Mugging still says, gimme my French campaign contributor earmarks or the Air Force guys get it! Why hold the Air Force guys? Because the fight to keep an American company from getting that contract isn’t … Continue reading

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Tea parties turn on Ron Paul: is this the beginning of the end?

Allahpundit asks: if Ron Paul isn’t safe from the tea party movement, who is? And it’s a good question. The tea party movement began as a sort of Libertarian/conservative uprising, focused on shrinking government, ending bailouts and cutting taxes. It … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews dresses down ‘balloon head’ Palin

Another keeper episode of Hardball, as Chris takes on Sarah Palin and her “handy” prompter: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Oh, NewsBusters is not gonna like this one.

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