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John Mayer had a ‘hood pass???’

Sure, John Mayer was on The Chappelle Show a couple of times, but then again so was the black dude from “Whose line is it, anyway?” and he sure never had a “hood pass.” And yeah, I like Mayer’s music … Continue reading

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New polling: GOP inches up on Obama, Democrats

The takeaway: Democrats still hold a bare majority of favorability, but the GOP is catching up, despite being less liked. Bottom lines on the ABC News/WaPo poll here. Article here. The re-elect numbers are now split 46-46 between the parties. … Continue reading

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Matthews v. Palin, round 2: ‘nothing going on mentally’

Chris Matthews renewed his Sarah Palin fusilade last night, saying she “has nothing going on mentally” and calling her “dangerous.” Watch, as Mark Halperin is equally tough on her, though he hasn’t gotten the same amount of ink for it: … Continue reading

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Rubio drops the moneybomb

It’s a banner day for the Rubio campaign, which plans to commemorate the one-year anniversary of “the hug” by holding a big rally and fundraiser. Will any reporters in attendance ask about his position on privatizing Social Security? In other … Continue reading

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Scott Brown: the book

Apparently, the Senate’s “Mr. 41″ plans to make like Sarah Palin and strike (pay dirt) while the iron is hot. Burning questions: 1) Will he write it himself or, a la Sarah, bring in a ghost writer? 2) Will he … Continue reading

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The privatizers

Watch out, grandma! Emboldened by three statewide wins that had nothing to do with them, Congressional Republicans are finally feeling bold enough to admit what has been true for a very long time: they really, really want to privatize Social … Continue reading

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