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RedState bans birthers, HotAir bans ‘Redstate bans birthers’

The wingnuts are lining up on either side of the birthers, the crazy cult who try to induce soldiers to duck out of service under President Obama and who file kooky lawsuits backed by Alan Keyes and a madwoman, and … Continue reading

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Say it ain’t so, Joe

Another one of John McCain’s bad choices in 2008 comes back to haunt him… (ht to Ben Smith) And Joe did something else that, besides turning the Palin traveling circus against him, is sure to make him the bete noire … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney doubles down: ‘a strong believer in waterboarding’

Dick Cheney wanted the Obama administration to waterboard the undiebomber. He wants to keep waterboarding people at Gitmo. For all we know, he wants to have his former White House colleagues waterboarded too, for defying his evil designs after the … Continue reading

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Politico mines the dark heart of Dick Cheney

Who else but Mike Allen and Jim Vendehei to channel the inner thoughts of Dick Cheney, in an attempt to figure out “why he does it” (going after President Obama, that is.) But this time, they also field emails from … Continue reading

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Rubio racks up more tea party support, takes Orlando straw poll

Senate candidate Marco Rubio wiped the floor with Charlie Crist at a Florida tea party straw poll in Orlando on Saturday, coming in a distant third to Rubio and a Libertarian candidate. Organizer Phil Russo estimated that 1,000 people showed … Continue reading

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