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Orange alert: Boehner to speak at Orlando ‘tax day tea party’ event

CORRECTED: Is this the merger of the tea party movement and the GOP that Michael Steele is hoping for, or a window into how the tea party movement plans to shape the Republican Party in 2010? A Florida group has … Continue reading

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Rubio and questions are not friends

The Miami Herald and St. Pete Times news alliance tries to pin Marco Rubio down on … well … anything at all: Rubio has had a free ride in the campaign so far, and has been giving off the same … Continue reading

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Bye-bye Bayh

Huh??? Evan Bayh will announce today he’s retiring from Congress. Which is a huge blow for the Democrats and a big, big surprise. Seems like the very effective political knee-capping of Dan Coats was all for naught. And that raises … Continue reading

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Rubio’s latest position on climate change: ‘not anymore’

Marco Rubio doesn’t believe in the science … any more … ?

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On President’s Day, the POTUS sexy ranking (plus, the 5 scariest people who never became president)

Because really, what is more important than that? [Spoiler alert: you get points for having mutton chops, dating or being a Hollywood celeb, or wrestling an alligator, none for being jowly, fat or just plain mean...] Enjoy, courtesy of Nerve.com. … Continue reading

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