Daily Archives: February 21, 2010

Sansom lets Rubio off the hook (by resigning)

“High quality person” Ray Sansom resigned his house seat tonight, letting his pal Marco Rubio off the hook for having to testify in the disgraced former House Speaker’s ersatz ethics trial, which by the way was supposed to kick off … Continue reading

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Why can’t Charlie Crist be more like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Florida’s governor could take a lesson from California’s Republican chief executive, who like Charlie is the frequent object of right wing demonization: don’t be a girlie man. Stand up for your support of the stimulus funds and explain in plain, … Continue reading

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Take THAT, reality! Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll

If CPAC is the future of the “conservative movement,” bring it on. The convention that supposedly defines right wingery, and which is supposedly going to remake the big spending, Middle East invading Republican Party into something much more “conservative” was … Continue reading

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