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Gaston Smith avoids the slammer, Spence-Jones has her day in court

Rev. Gaston Smith brought a bunch of pastors and supporters to court with him today to tout his many virtues, and apparently, it worked. Smith was sentenced to five years probation after being convicted of stealing about $10,000 in county … Continue reading

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Limbaugh on the uninsured: ‘let them eat applesauce!’

In case you’ve gotten confused on where conservatives stand on healthcare, Rush is here to clarify things for you, and his little friends, too. Responding to Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter’s sad story during the healthcare summit about a constituent who … Continue reading

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Desiree out

I guess it was inevitable. Desiree Rogers is quitting her job as White House social secretary. For replacements, might I offer that Sally Quinn is available? UPDATE: Oh, never mind. Good-bye fabulous, hello, finance director …

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AMEXgate: don’t ask, don’t tell

The most striking paragraph from today’s Miami Herald/St. Pete Times update on Marco Rubio’s spa cuts and Macaraoni Grill habit with his Republican Party credit card is this: “I don’t think it’s appropriate for the party to question the former … Continue reading

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Yoda phones Darth Vader, wishes him well

Zen-master Obama must have the greatest self-control in the history of mankind. The Times reports he called his nemesis, Dick Cheney on Wednesday, to wish him a speedy recovery from his recent mild “heart” attack. Class act, that. No word … Continue reading

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I guess the Times had a Patterson bombshell after all

Howard Kurtz appears to have spoken too soon (and he knows it). There was a Patterson bombshell waiting to explode at the New York Times, and it has now duly exploded. The Fix is reporting Patterson’s done. Andrew Cuomo will … Continue reading

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Friday video: Marco Rubio’s RPOF bill pay deal, ‘priceless’

Democrats have some fun with Marco Rubio’s sweet deal with the Republican Party of Florida. The upshot: “getting your personal bills paid by the Republican Party of Florida like Marco Rubio: priceless.” Watch:

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The takeaway: the healthcare summit end-game

I was pretty caught up with work and AMEXgate yesterday, and didn’t post anything about the day-long healthcare summit, though I did have it on most of the day. TPMDC did a great job following the action, and I’ll just … Continue reading

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