And they say there’s no climate change…

Back to back earthquakes in Haiti, Japan and now and even stronger one in Chile, a tsunami in the Pacific, freak snowstorms across the U.S., too-warm weather in Canada and bloody cold weather here in South Florida for more than a month now … yeah, climate change is such a hoax … (and what’s sad is, there are some Americans who would be more likely to believe its Armageddon than global warming…) And yet, despite all the clear evidence that something is going seriously wacky with the planet, Democrats continue to cower on climate change legislation, because it got cold in Washington. Head, meet rear end.

Meanwhile, President Obama pledges relief, urges tsunami preparedness.

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2 Responses to And they say there’s no climate change…

  1. You are correct in demonstrating the tangible effects of climate change. However, earthquakes and tsunamis are by-products of the shifting of tectonic plates and cannot conclusively be tied in to global warming.On the other hand, there always seems to be a series of seismic events at any given time. An earthquake on the west coast is followed by a tsunami in East Asia. Is one event occurring independently of the other? Did the shifting of the plates in Haiti cause a reaction in the plates farther south in Chile?Either way, while people die, conservatives dither.

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