DNC drops the hammer, asks ‘is Florida Republican Party a criminal enterprise?’

From Democratic National Committee communications director Brad Woodhouse, this is called “hardball”:

“After the revelation that Marco Rubio is the latest Florida Republican to be swept up in a growing corruption scandal which has enveloped the Republican Party of Florida, the question for the authorities is not just whether or not Rubio, former Chairman Greer and others have violated tax and campaign finance laws, but whether or not the Florida Republican Party is, in and of itself, a corrupt criminal enterprise.  If it is not a criminal enterprise, and it if has nothing to hide, it should release all credit card statements and other documents and correspondence that would shed light on this growing scandal.  In addition, Governor Crist and Attorney General McCollum should step forward and initiate investigations by all appropriate agencies and authorities and the Governor should appoint a special prosecutor to ensure that these investigations are fair, expeditious and impartial and that they get to the bottom of this growing scandal,” said Woodhouse.

Here we go…

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