Gaston Smith avoids the slammer, Spence-Jones has her day in court

Rev. Gaston Smith

Rev. Gaston Smith brought a bunch of pastors and supporters to court with him today to tout his many virtues, and apparently, it worked. Smith was sentenced to five years probation after being convicted of stealing about $10,000 in county grants, and he’ll have to repay the money and do 40 hours of community service. Jesus saves! Meanwhile, I’m not sure how many pastors showed up for former Smith parishioner Michelle Spence Jones’ hearing downtown on whether the governor had the right to suspend her before her trial on theft charges. The ACLU did show, however, and the judge will now take ten days to decide.

More on the Spence-Jones hearing here. My column in the South Florida Times on the Spence-Jones v. Crist saga is up and running.

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2 Responses to Gaston Smith avoids the slammer, Spence-Jones has her day in court

  1. His punishment is in line with what any other first time offender would have gotten, maybe even a bit harsh. Regardless, let’s not forget the prosecutorial misconduct involved in this case, secret tape recordings of meetings ( ) and the unprofessional way they affected the arrest of Pastor Smith ( ). Unprofessional enough that even the Judge took issue with how the arrest was handled. I hope Pastor Smiths attorneys will pursue this matter with the bar.

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