Rubio races even futher right; hits Crist on Schiavo case

From the Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Thomas with a hat tip to ThinkProgress:

Marco Rubio’s campaign has put out a new release, whacking Charlie Crist for not being tough on social issues like abortion.

The release includes this mention of the Terri Schiavo case, ” Crist also received criticism on the Terri Schiavo debate about where he really stood on a Congressional bill that would have let Terri’s parents take their lawsuit to save her life to federal courts.”

In other words, Marco seems to favor government intervention in this case.

The Schiavo case is like a right wing Rorschach test, and a dog whistle for the extreme “right to life” crowd, which sought government — including federal government — intervention between a husband, his wife, and their doctors. As ThinkP points out:

The GOP tried to write legislation forcing doctors to reinsert Schiavo’s feeding tube and taking the “extraordinary step” of subpoenaing the critically brain-damaged woman to testify to Congress. Rubio did vote for the law giving then-Gov. Jeb Bush the authority “to issue a one-time stay to prevent the withholding of nutrition and hydration from” Schiavo. Crist was the attorney general of Florida at the time, but he refused to get involved in the case.

Meanwhile, Florida Republican leaders continue to circle the wagons around their American Expresss bills, signaling no more Rubio-like records will be released, because …

“It is our firm belief,” they intone, “that the professional auditors should be allowed to do their job without the interference of a media circus surrounding the release of any records.”

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